Flu vaccincation : make an appointment!

How do I get the vaccine?

  1. If you are one of the people at risk of complications, hre are the 3 options available to you:
    • Check if you can get vaccinated at your next medical appointment
    • Check if you can get vaccinated at your pharmacy
    • Make an appointment on Clic Santé
  2. If you are not part of the group of people at risk, but you want to get the vaccine, check with a pharmacy, many offer the vaccination service.

Who should get vaccinated

Some people are at risk for complications from the flu. It could cause them, for example, breathing difficulties, pneumonia or even death. Treating these complications may require a hospital stay of several days or even weeks, and may lead to loss of independence in some older people. People at risk of complications from the flu :

  • People with chronic diseases (diabetes, immune disorders, cardiovascular, respiratory, liver or kidney diseases);
  • Pregnant women with chronic diseases, regardless of the stage of their pregnancy;
  • Pregnant women in the 2nd or 3rd trimester (13 weeks and more);
  • People aged 75 and over;
  • As well as people likely to transmit the disease to vulnerable people, namely :
    • People libing under the same roof as the groups mentioned above
    • Natural caregivers from the groups mentioned above;
    • People living under the same roof as children under 6 months of age (the later cannot be vaccinated);
    • Health workers

Find out if you are ont of the people in the Flu Vaccination Program at :

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