Locating Biological Parents or Siblings

Are you adopted and looking for your socio-biological background?

The law allows for adopted persons to know the circumstances of their birth, medical history and any transmissible information contained in their file without revealing any information allowing the identification or location of the party who gave them up for adoption.

Since June 1984, legislation on reuniting biological parents and siblings has made it possible to inform the sought-out party of the seeking party's desire to find them.

In Quebec, the Center for Protection and Rehabilitation Services is responsible for adoption files and has the mission of offering psychosocial services in their respective regions with regard to the search for socio-biological backgrounds.

"Services aux Origines"

In 1997, the Center for Protection and Rehabilitation Services, formerly called the Center jeunesse de la Mauricie et du Center-du-Québec, recruited a non-profit organization, Services aux origines, to get involved with applicants for backgrounds and reunions.

The Directorate for Youth Protection remains responsible for adoption records. It manages searches for a socio-biological history and the location of the biological family members. The results of this research are transmitted to the Services aux origines. In addition, it ensures compliance with public and government bodies.

The mandate of the Services aux origines is to respond to customer requests such as transmission of the results of the socio-biological history research and the location to the party sought. They make sure to guide the applicant throughout the reunion process and when required, to carry out the post reunion follow-up. The organization also offers a consultation service on the consequences of the adoption for all parties concerned, as well as support for interveners if necessary.

Contact the Services aux origins, 819 378-7457 (Trois-Rivières), or toll free: 1 (888) 448-7457.

You can also send an email to: services_aux_origines_cj04@ssss.gouv.qc.ca.